Wednesday, March 16, 2011

David Kawena

If you're like me, then you love classic Disney movies. David Kawena's illustrations of our favorite Disney male characters aren't bashful, to say the least. It's interesting to see artist's interpretations of cartoons we know and love and turn them into mature portraits.

Enjoy, everyone! ;)

Gaston- Beauty & the Beast


Kokoum- Pocahontas 

Prince Naveen- Princess & the Frog

Dr. Sweet- Atlantis

Prince Adam- Beauty & the Beast

Peter Pan

Prince Phillip- Sleeping Beauty


David- Lilo & Stitch


Prince Eric- Little Mermaid
Those are some sexy cartoons-- They're packing some serious heat! Who's your favorite??

see more on  & Kawena's profile on deviantART


  1. These are awesome. Some of the "bulges" have an unusual anti gravity look to them or as if theyre coming from a different angle. And Peter Pan looks like he just got fnished dancing at the gay bar.

  2. These are fucking great!
    Ive always been partial to Eric, but Kokoum is giving him a run for his money here.

  3. Gaston is NOT done by David Kawena!
    Can't you see it's totally someone else who tried to copy Kawena's style???

  4. OMG SO HOT! my dreams have come true