Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've mentioned before my obsession with the iphone app, Instagram. Well it hasn't subsided, which is great, because I've had the chance to come across some really awesome artists.

Under the headline ToysRLikeUs, Santlov photographs some familiar pop culture characters in ways we've never seen them before. They're taken out of context from their original storylines, shown doing...well random things us humans might do, i.e. taking an instagram photo with tiny toy iphones! I like that each character is portrayed in a silly, almost deviant manner. It's like we get to see the toys on their 'days off'.

Some repeating appearances include Toy Story's Woody, Stormtroopers, and Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

So cool! What do you guys think about the Kony commentary?
For you iphone users (*and soon to be Andriod users) Follow @Santlov on Instagram and search the tag #toysrlikeus

Don't worry, if you have a dumbphone you can still check out Santlov's toy photography online on the website Populagram! ...just teasing about the dumbphone thing.


  1. Does anyone know how santlov gets his mini props? Custom? It's looks like hisnwoody doll is around 6 inches tall so how does he make it life like? Anyone know where he got his woody figure?

    1. idk how he gets the tiny, tiny props but obviously uses a macro to make it life like and fill the whole frame