Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fabian Ciraolo

Sorry guys! It's been a looong while since I've posted, but I'm BACK and with some new (and newer) works from a great artist!
Chilean illustrator, Fabian Ciraolo, revamps notable pop culture icons into massive HIPSTERS! Leopard print, tattered jorts, Vampire Weekend, and thick-framed glasses are not amiss on Ciraolo's subjects. Their socially awkward facial expressions read like they truly are misunderstood by society. Can you say #hipsterproblems? I love the vintage feel of the background and the psychedelic nature each portrait conveys. And well Cleopatra's nip-slip ain't bad either.

Don't you get a feeling like they're judging you? Ugh! Even Jesus thinks you're too mainstream. (PS- I think this 'updated' Jesus picture is much creepier than the typical portrait you see hanging at your Grandma's house...just sayin') Needless to say. Ciraolo makes these historical figures pretty bad-ass.
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