Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brandon Bird

Brandon Bird is an artist from Sacramento, CA. He studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz, now living in LA.
Here's some advice he has for those of you aspiring artists! From his site:
Don't move to an expensive city after you graduate and then stop making art because you suddenly need five jobs just to stay alive. Beyond that, find a comfortable physical & mental working environment and a solid peer group. Don't blindly follow the advice of galleries, because most of the time they don't know what they're doing any more than you do (sorry, gallery owners!). Also, it will take time (as in, years) to figure out your audience and the economics of things (For example, do you sell lots of inexpensive things, or giant paintings for thousands of dollars?). And what you think is going to be your big break probably isn't. For me, it's been a lot of little things eventually adding up. 

The painting of David Shwimmer makes me LOL!!
Visit Brandon's site HERE to view more paintings, drawings, shows, and shop!

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