Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Internet Art Caper

It is brought to my attention that art theft has taken place. The 'sketch' image was featured on the EatSleepDraw blog and soon detected by the original artists' friends. 

The images speak for themselves... 

Original image by Collel Massey

"Sketch for a Painting" by epicterror

Not cool...

Feel free to 'terrorize' the impostor: EpicTerror on Tumblr

Thank you, Michael (My Brother!!) at EatMoreTruth Industries for the heads up!

Hopefully EatSleepDraw will be more careful next time!

**************UPDATE 8/31/2011******************

The image has been removed from EatSleepDraw & epicterror has lost their submission rights to the blog.  


  1. Hi Amanda,

    EatSleepDraw has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to stolen work.
    We have removed the art in question from our website and have black listed the submitter.

    It's people like you that help make EatSleepDraw great. Thanks so much for bring this to our attention.

    thanks so much!

    - Lee
    cofounder of eatsleepdraw.com

  2. Thank you! Glad to help the integrity of the art community