Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview with Brad Doggett

If you don't know who Brad Doggett is you will after this! Brad is a Northern Virginia native born to play the guitar. He's grown to be a YouTube sensation doing numerous covers of popular favorites. His channel has reached fifteen million views! Brad even made it out to LA to audition for The Voice. His first EP released early 2009.

However, we're 'Seriously' anticipating his new EP to come out by the end of this year! We had a special chance to interview Brad:
Seriously, Who Arted?: Can you give us some insight on your new album? 
Brad Doggett: There are six new songs and I really believe in them. It is going to sound a lot more mature than my last EP a couple years ago... It's been WAY too long since I last released a song of my own. I have to remind people that I'm not just a cover guy.
SWA: Have you decided a name for it yet?
BD: I actually haven't yet, but I'm learning towards "Miles and Miles." That's the last song on the record and it's super special to me. It's not meant to be the single, but the title also has internal meaning to me.
SWA: What inspires you to write your own music?
BD: The best way to write new songs is being lonely. It gives you a need and avenue to produce.  
SWA: Do you have a particular person in mind when you write songs? Is April a real person?  
BD: Sometimes I do and sometimes I'm just telling a story. April is not actually a person at all. I wrote the song in April-- not many people know that actually! 
SWA: What artists and type of music influence you the most? 
BD: It's obvious that I'm big into John Mayer. But when it comes to listening to music my favorite is actually R&B. It's got everything but the acoustic guitar...and that's where I come in. 
Check out his latest cover of Ne-yo's Sexy Love, just released today!

Also, make sure you check out his original song, "April." So presh!

Subscribe to Brad's YouTube channel here.

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