Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gallery Granted

Earlier this week, I moseyed down to the Monongalia Arts Center hoping to talk to the director there. Unfortunately, she was not in. A helpful young man named Anthony spoke with me and told me the gallery is always looking for help and that he’d send along my message. He also gave me the executive director, Ro Brooks’, business card.

After speaking with Anthony, I entered the exhibit and was blown away by the artwork on display. The room was well lit and large painted canvases dressed the walls. There were also various sculptures in between paintings and in the middle of the room. In one corner there was a display for ceramics. I felt very serene being in the gallery. 

I took this picture on my phone to share my experience:

View from the ceramics corner
Upon further exploration I discovered a room for performances and an art studio/classroom. There was also an upstairs but there were no exhibits on display at the time.

I emailed Ro Brooks as soon as I got home and was fortunate enough to hear back from her the next morning. I was thrilled by the quick response! She said she'd be more than happy to have me work with the MAC this semester. I have an appointment to meet with her early next week.

I'm really excited for this opportunity because it combines two things that I am passionate about and it's something new that I have never done before.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the semester.

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