Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Next?

In my public relations writing class, one of our main assignments is to find a client and do their p.r.
But my professor mentioned that we need to keep in mind an organization that maybe doesn't get the attention they deserve. Someone who needs help.

This idea overwhelms me. I'm still getting into the groove of public relations. I just took the intro course last semester and now I'm in all of the upper-level classes at once. Find a client and do their p.r.?
---I feel like a kid in a swimming pool without her floats.

Then I realized, I don't even know anything about the "art scene" here at WVU or in this great city of Morgantown. I'm aware that there's a lot of history and culture, but I walk past it everyday. I've always been curious but I've never ventured out to explore. 

Just by a single Google search alone, I found that there are at least ten locations in Morgantown that exhibit local artists, including galleries, salons, restaurants, tattoo parlors and of course WVU's Creative Arts Center (The CAC).

Amazing. NOW I'm excited! 

I came across the Monongalia Arts Center's website.

(Sidenote: this is at the bottom of High Street. How did I never encounter this before? apologies, Morgantown, apologies.)

The site reads, The MAC is "Morgantown's Home for Arts and Culture Since 1978". After reading the history of the organization and browsing past exhibits, I came upon the "Donate" tab. I learned that this institution is in need for some serious funding. 

"Fix MAC's radiators," "General Operations Donation, and "One month of warmth in the winter," were a just few choices to Add to Cart right there on the page. 

This is just one possibility, but I really like this idea! This gallery is a hidden gem of Morgantown and deserves more attention. I'm hoping that they're willing to work with me as my client. I'd love to help promote The MAC and local artists.

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