Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where do you find inspiration?

More like- where does inspiration find you?

For the last few weeks I have been swamped with papers and midterms. Unfortunately, the chance to get my artistic juices flowing has been null. I have numerous canvases in my closet and under my bed is a neglected crate of paint. But it’s not only because I’ve been so busy lately- I was just as busy last semester.

I just haven’t had any inspiration!

That is until yesterday: It came to me during some much needed retail therapy (shortly after a PR research exam).
A pair of earrings? Yes, I agree. This source of motivation is so random, but it hit me instantly to the point where I took out my phone to take a picture. (Hopefully I didn't come off too creepy). I was attracted to the primary colors and the burst of circles- the earrings were simply lovely. 

I'm not sure if this muse will be of any significant product, but it reminded me of my virtuosity and ignited my desire to create.

If you are under pressure to generate a piece of work- whether it be a painting or paper, then you probably don't have the nonchalance to let inspiration come to you. So you must find it yourself. 

The mall is full of many sources: window displays, fabrics,  a diverse array of people (we all love people watching), and print ads, to name a few. You can hang out in bookstores or your local coffee shop. 

"Headphones Girl"by ~Gh30 on deviantart

Maybe music is your muse. Have you ever put your headphones on, closed your eyes, and let your imagination run wild? Try it sometimes. It's amazing where our mind can take us when listening to different types of songs. 

Inspiration might not come to you right away. It could be hiding in your environment or streaming in the depths of your mind. 
Just relax. You'll find it!

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