Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comedy Awards

Comedy Central celebrates the "Serious Art of Being Funny", honoring actors, comedians and writers throughout the industry.

With presenters such as Jon Stewart, Will Ferrell, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, John Oliver, Ty Burrell and many more.

And the Winners are:
Best Comedy Film-- The Other Guys
Best Sketch Comedy-- Children's Hospital
Best Actor, TV-- Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Best Animated Comedy Series-- South Park
Best Viral Original-- "Bed Intruder Song," Autotune the News
Best Writing, TV-- 30 Rock
Best Comedy Directing, Film-- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Comedy Icon Award-- Eddie Murphy
Best Comedy Series-- Modern Family
Comedy Breakthrough Performer-- Daniel Tosh 
Best Standup Special-- Louis CK
Best Late Night Comedy Series-- The Daily Show
Best Comedy Actress, TV-- Kristin Wiig, SNL
Best Comedy Actor, Film-- Zach Galifinakis 
Best Comedy Screenplay-- Hot Tub Time Machine 
Best Comedy Actress, Film-- Tina Fey
The Johnny Carson Award for Comedic Excellence-- David Letterman

 My favorite part of the evening: Jon Stewart being "Kanye'd" by Stephen Colbert accepting(stealing) the award for Best Late Night Comedy Series...

Check out some highlights of the evening (A new clip will play after the first is finished. I believe the Colbert highjacking is the second video, as of now).

Checkout The Comedy Awards website for more highlights and insider information from the ceremony.

What are your thoughts on the winners? Would you like to have seen the other nominees pull through?

Nevertheless, congratulations to everyone and thanks Comedy Central for producing such an amazing award show!

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(Images from The Comedy Awards homepage)

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