Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Felix Mas

Felix Mas' subjects are his ideal model of femininity. The women are soft and charming, portrayed in Mas' traditional painting style. Dressed in elegant gowns and staring off into the distance, "they seem to be unaware of their allure."
Amore Mio
Caballito de Mar
Jewel Egypt II
Dama de Corazones
Felix Mas is from Barcelona, Spain. He considers himself a traditional painter, using emotion and inspiration from the Far East.
"Mas finds inspiration in women amidst the opulent settings of the Asian world, especially Japan and India with their beautiful costumes and landscape, Egypt, ripe with its enigmatic symbols, and ancient Greece and Rome, saturated with their unique elegance and sensuality."  -- martinlawrence.com
 His work is exhibited throughout the world, especially in Spain, the US, Russia and Venezuela.

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